Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Zaidee couldnt make this dress any cuter!! 
Thank you!! Jessica Cole is a wonderful fashion and photo stylist! :) 

This dress was a fun dress to make for Valentines Day of course. :) I was inspired by vintage! Pleated front, ties and buttons in back. Lace adornment makes this dress just sing! :)
My number one request from my girls is.. "Make me a dress that TWIRLS!" 
They say this one does it right. :) 
I had to add a  white ruffled petticoat under it and to top it all off... some adorable ruffled leggings! :) Adorable! :) 
Will come in many colors! YAY!! :)


Right back atcha girl! :) 

Have a very Happy Valentines Day! :) xoxo

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